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Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, is home to a wide range of restaurants, cafes, shops, restaurants and hotels, and Massawa is the perfect destination for all tastes. There seems to be no shortage of sparkling mineral water, such as Chianti, which costs around 20 to 30 Nakfa. In AsmARA there is also a large market where you can buy everything from mineral water to Chianci, but there are also some good options for the more expensive, such as Chantilly, a classic wine from Italy.

The local Asmara beer costs around 20 Nakfa in bars and restaurants, but between 35 and 40 Nakfa in supermarkets. If you buy it in the supermarket, a can of beer costs about 35-40 Nakfa and a bottle of Chantilly about 40-50 Nak Fa.

If you stick to official prices, Eritrea will be surprisingly expensive, but if you stick to black market interest rates, it is actually quite cheap. Hotel prices are reasonable, and Eritrea is generally one of the cheapest places to eat, travel and spend.

The local market is the best place to buy gold and silver jewelry at lower prices in Asmara, and there is a pleasant outdoor café. Gold, pearls, silver and jewellery are available at the markets of As mara as well as incense and myrrh.

Relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia have improved a lot recently, so check out the official website for information on travel between the two countries and the Eritrean Embassy in Ethiopia. Avoid essential travel to Eritrea due to the ongoing conflict in the neighbouring country, which could degenerate into conflict at any time. When you hear about "Eritrea," you think of the way off - the way - beaten - and you will stop at nothing to leave it. The souvenir market offers a wide selection of souvenir items such as clothing, shoes, jewelry and other items.

Eritrea's coast offers the most limited diving and tourist facilities, located in the port city of Massawa and extremely expensive.

The only railway line in Eritrea operates between Asmara and Massawa, but only serves the city of Aspara, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the capital of the country, Nairobi.

For every place you want to visit in Asmara, you need a permit from the Ministry of Tourism and Information. If you apply for a visa to Eritrea, you must obtain accreditation in the country of your nationality. The only way to get to Eritrea is by plane, and there is only one international airport. You will also need a permit to visit one of these places, which allows you to walk freely around the city.

Although the country remains extremely poor and the journey here is challenging, visitors can admire the dramatic scenery and historic buildings, including well-preserved Italian colonial architecture, as well as the beautiful landscape of Asmara. Eritrea can also boast of being a safe city, where citizens are not afraid to take to the streets at night. You can go for a walk all night in the city and you can't worry about crime, even though it's generally safe. There are many opportunities to go to Eritrea to teach or to carry out research projects with national institutions such as the ministries of higher education.

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Given the compactness of the city, it is not possible to spend the tour in Asmara with a personal vehicle, which would make shopping less convenient. Walking in the landscape of As mara is a good way to get some exercise while you see a very beautiful landscape. You will need less than $50 a day to stay in cheap hotels, especially state-owned hotels, to eat locally, stay away from imports, bring items like toiletries and cosmetics, and travel by public transportation. Visit a travel clinic to see a doctor, discuss the benefits of taking malaria medication and determine which one you should take.

Although Eritreans, even in normal times, can only buy rationed basic food sold in the ruling party's shops, they could have bought it as a precaution. Even if the state miraculously manages to obtain additional goods that can be offered for sale, and is not allowed to withdraw more than $330 from its own savings in a given month (it will not be able to make additional purchases), it would still have little money to collect what could come from sympathizers in its diaspora, to exchange food rations with local shops to buy pasta and share phones.

If you stay in Eritrea for a ten-day stay, you can be less than 20 km from the Ethiopian border if you manage to connect to the local telephone network. But Ethiopian telephone networks when you travel to the south of the country are ridiculously slow, offering Wi-Fi only in a few small towns and villages in the south.

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More About Asmara