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What to do and see in Eritrea: discover and discover hidden treasures in the city, enjoy a cappuccino, refuel in one of the many restaurants, cafés, bars, restaurants and cafés. When you are tired, there is always a place to fill up at the local café, restaurant, bar or even a café with a good coffee. Not only can you see old Italian architecture everywhere in this city, but you can also eat pasta, gelato, pizza, etc. In As mara there are many things to see and explore, from restaurants to cafes to shops, shops and restaurants.

If you are in Asmara, Keren, Teseney, Assab or Medefera, you can sell fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and legumes, pottery and some of your wares. Remember that cash is scarce and selling these items can be your only source of income to survive in Eritrea unless you have a job. You can buy things on the high street and get into debt, so be careful with your cash. If you can sell your goods and make some money, even if they can be sold for less than the cost of a single meal in a local restaurant or café, then you are making money.

Eritrea is not dangerous, but you have to visit it first and behave with the locals, as there are hardly any tourists. Some people who are travellers themselves and know that it is a very safe country will ask you: "How do I get a visa?," but we will come to the visa section later, so first visit Eritrea.

If you are travelling to other places in Eritrea, you will need a travel permit for each city you visit. The Tourism Permit Center is located near the Sweet Asmara Cafe and you can get your permit. It is a relatively simple process and it takes place in front of the office of the Ministry of Tourism and Tourism in the city centre.

The amount of cash you can withdraw from your bank account in Eritrea is limited to just 5,000 Nakfa (330 dollars) per month. If you have millions in your account and plan to withdraw more than this amount, you may not withdraw more than 5000 Sakfa unless you plan to receive an official letter from the government bank where you must receive an official letter from that bank to withdraw further amounts. You must bring all the cash you need in US dollars when you come to Asmara.

Please note that upon arrival, it will no longer be possible to obtain a visa, you can only fly in and out of Eritrea. They must apply to the nearest Eritrean embassy and the visa does not need to be issued at a border crossing.

No border crossing is allowed at all, and the only major security threat in Eritrea is an armed conflict between Eritrean and Sudanese forces and their allies. Tensions between nations mean that the area is highly militarised and there is a risk of politically motivated violence. Avoid cities near borders, especially at night; petty crime is much higher there than elsewhere in the country. No border crossings are allowed, so avoid these cities and borders.

What adds to the charm of this place is that people do not look at their screens, but have a real human connection. Eritreans are proud of their independence - and a support system is needed to survive in Eritrea. You need emergency supplies of food, water, clothing and other essential goods to rely on, especially in emergencies. I wrote this article because I think it is a great resource for those interested in visiting Eritrea, as well as a good guide to surviving in it.

Eritrea is known as one of the most difficult countries to travel in the world, but with the right contacts you can easily get a visa. I cannot tell you that it is easier to get visas than it used to be - but it seems that Eritrea has become more open to the outside world.

The country still has its own problems, and some locals have left, but Eritrea is very safe for foreign travellers. The climate is perfect, the streets are clean, the people warm - bees, refreshments are widespread, distances are manageable, crimes are very rare, attractions are diverse, architecture is breathtaking and the climate is perfect.

Even if you only live in Asmara, it is worth being a little outside the city centre to get spectacular views, even if it is only for a few hours. If one follows the road that leads from As mara to Massawa, one will witness a breathtaking view. The biggest climb is to climb up, but you should ask someone to show you the easy way, because it is not an easy climb. The view is worth it and you don't have to travel far - just a short walk from the city centre.

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More About Asmara