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Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, seems to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is the place where the most tourists come per capita per year to the country, and the second highest in Africa.

Northern Eritrea is closed to travellers at the time of the press, so you should check with the Ministry of Tourism in Asmara before you leave. This area is off limits to all travellers at this time and you need to check with them as the rules can change in no time.

If you are travelling anywhere near the capital Asmara or attending a national event, you will need individual permission (see below). To apply for a visa at the Eritrean embassy, you probably do not need an invitation letter from an Eritrean tour operator, but you will need it to apply to your nearest embassy. This is a lengthy process and can take up to a month, so you must request it.

Asmara permits are arranged in advance by your local travel agent and accepted or refused if you are already in Eritrea. The visa on arrival does not require an embassy visit, but must be approved by the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality of Eritrea before you travel. Please note that visas are not intended for border crossings; you can only fly to Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Somalia and Sudan. The US and UK branch offices advise you to travel only to and from As Mara or, if possible, to a national event.

So the only way to travel to Eritrea is by plane, train, car, bus, boat or even train or bus to As Mara. Traveling independently in Eritrea is much cheaper than booking an expensive tour, especially given the inexpensive local prices.

If you are interested in living off the beaten track in Africa but are wary of going alone, my dear friend Helen is conducting a small Africa trip, which is led by her and her husband. This tour combines the Somaliland tour with a trip to As Mara, one of the best and most fascinating countries to see in Eritrea. If you are not in Africa for the first time, it is also quite easy to travel independently to Eritrea. You can also join us on a full-day tour of Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan while traveling to and from Eritrea.

I definitely recommend that curious travelers visit Eritrea and find out about it, as described in my other posts. The journey from Cape Town to Cairo remains one of the highlights of my Africa, but I recommend you not to visit it blindly. Before you travel to Eritrea, research will help you to better understand the country and its people. If not, I strongly recommend travelling to and from Eritrea, especially if you are not familiar with the area.

When traveling, it is very helpful to find out exactly where the US embassies and consulates are located. If you have an Eritrean embassy at home, you can try to obtain VOA to give you information about the whereabouts of these embassies as well as information about the embassy in your country. Eritrea Travel and Tourist Information is available on the website of the United States Embassy and Consulate General in Ethiopia. If you do not have the internet to research and read about this country, you can print out a "Eritrean travel guide" and bring it or a book with you.

If you are travelling to other places in Eritrea, you will also need a travel permit for each city you visit. Foreigners living and working in Asmara must also obtain a travel permit to their home country.

Travellers can apply for a tourist visa, which is valid in Eritrea for up to three months. American travelers visiting Eritrea must have a valid travel permit from the U.S. Embassy in Asmara and a passport with photo identification.

The tourist visa costs $50 and takes at least 10 days to process, and it is relatively easy to obtain a visa for travel between the US and Eritrea. The Eritrean Embassy does not have an embassy in the United States, you must apply through the British Embassy in Asmara, which has an embassy in Washington. If you are in Eritrea and wish to leave, you should register your interest with the American Embassy and / or contact the British Embassy or the British Embassy of AsMara for further information.

To enter Eritrea, you must have an Eritrean visa in your passport or present a visa before arrival. The "Eritrea travel visa" is not the easiest, but you do not need a permit to travel between Asmara and Eritrea.

If you want to travel to the capital Asmara, you must apply for a travel permit. If international tourists want to visit the capital, they must obtain a government travel permit.

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More About Asmara